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Facility Security

Consultation & services to ensure a flexible, economical but secure facility security program.  Unified SRM's services are primarily based off of NIST, DHS, and CNSS products - which means they are researched, tested and have been implemented in real world situations; to provide a scalable, mission-oriented, economical and flexible security plan, which is customized to your organization.

Unified SRM can either work alongside the organization's operations and management teams or independently,  to perform the following tasks;

  • Produce a facility specific profile.

  • Determine roles and responsibilities for organizational staff whom will execute the security plan.

  • Identify, categorize and prioritize threats to each facility.

  • Identify, categorize and prioritize vulnerabilities.

  • Identify and assign controls to mitigate risk.

  • Create a security plan to both manage residual future risks.

  • Create a training plan and events to reduce risks.

Upon request, deliverables may be requested by the client following completion of one or more of the above tasks; such as an executive summary, assessment findings report, remediation plan, policies, procedures and so on.

Industry Service, Product, Cage & DUNS Codes

Unified SRM is looking forward to providing you unified security for Cyber, NISP and other environments.

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