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Cyber Security

Consultation & services on NIST recommendations, to ensure a flexible, economical but secure cyber security program.


Unified SRM's services are primarily based off of NIST, DHS, and CNSS products - which means they are researched, tested and have been implemented in real world situations; to provide a scalable, mission-oriented, economical and flexible security plan, which is customized to your organiation.


Unified SRM can either work along side the organization's information technology and management teams, or independently, to accomplish the following;

  • Perform independent assessment of an existing cyber risk management plan.

  • Identify & advise on information & systems, along with provide services to reduce the impact of integrity, confidentiality and availability.

  • Evaluate the information & system.

  • Assign categories, impact levels and custom controls.

  • Assess information systems for compliance with assigned controls.

  • Advise on resultant vulnerabilities, operational compliance impact and create plan of action.

  • Facilitate execution of the plan of action with staff, and provide parallel services when requested.

  • Assist with identifying, and implementing when requested, technical guidance and recommendations for configuring and aligning cyber technologies with risk management strategies and frameworks.

Unified SRM will provide an executive summary of the assessment findings report for management, that will prioritize the most significant vulnerabilities.  Additional deliverables can include the full assessment findings report, process flow maps, remediation plan, policies and procedures.

Industry Service, Product, Cage & DUNS Codes

Unified SRM is looking forward to providing you unified security for Cyber, NISP and other environments.

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