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National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Environment

Consultation & Services on processes, procedures, practices & programs for compliance with government contract requirements.  Unified SRM's services are primarily based off of NIST, DHS,DoD, ISSO and CNSS products - which means they are researched, tested and have been implemented in real world situations; to provide a scalable, mission-oriented, economical and flexible security plan, which is customized to your organization.

DFARS Clause 252.204-7012 was published in 2016 to strengthen the security relationship between U.S. federal agencies and its private sector partners, by requiring contractors to 'Safeguard Covered Defense Information', 'Report Cyber Incidents', 'Submit Malicious Software' and 'Facilitate Damage Assessments'.  Compliance with the clause is a requirement to either establish or maintain participation in federal contracts.

Unified SRM can either work alongside the organization's operations and management teams or independently,  to perform the following tasks;

  • Consultation and services on creating policies & procedures for government and higher-tier contractor security requirements; to include DD254, along with paragraph 13 security specifications which are typically agency specific.

  • Consultation and services on planning, designing, constructing facilities and environments with SCIF (ICD 705-1) security specification requirements.

  • Consultation, training and creating procedures for operations and environments on classification and information marking media having ICD 710, DoD manual 5200.01 & 32 CFR 2001 security requirements.

  • Consultation and services on planning, designing, procedures, operations, and constructing facilities and environments with NISP (DoD manual 5220.22-M) security requirements.

  • Consultation and services on the NTSWG's Telephone Security Group standards, implementation and telephony equipment identification, for use in protected operating environments.

32 CFR 2001

Protected information processing systems & protected distribution systems may coexists NISP environments.

Upon request, deliverables may be requested by the client following completion of one or more of the above tasks; such as an executive summary, assessment findings report, policies, procedures and so on.

Industry Service, Product, Cage & DUNS Codes

Unified SRM is looking forward to providing you unified security for Cyber, NISP and other environments.

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